Hello! I just wanted to shoot you an email with the full file pictures we took of our dog “Frankie” trying SuperGravy for the first time. Nutrition is always important to us and our dogs, I was impressed by the ingredients and also impressed that when added to water the gravy did not get a thick form like a lot of dehydrated foods. Our dogs are athletes and show in a lot of high energy events, hydration is very important as a lot of dogs don’t drink as much water as they should. With dry kibble this doesn’t help the hydration factor much, SuperGravy was a great way to spice up the meal instead of the usual boring water added to the food. I was also impressed by the probiotics in the gravy that just adds to the nutrition. I add probiotics to my dogs food occasionally so this just was a two for one deal! Thanks so much for letting us try SuperGravy, I hope we get to try the other flavors sometime!