@ccpettreats was kind enough to send us a package to review! May I just say, customer service, shipping, everything was amazing!! We received our package very quickly and it had a bunch of great stuff in it!

I’ve never given Odin or holly any purely meat treats, so this was totally new! Odin and holly both went crazy for the lamb trachea although Odin wasn’t quite so sure at first. It doesn’t smell as bad as I thought it would either!! The SuperGravy Chicken liver and tomato recipe is AMAZING! It made Odin slow down his eating, and holly actually finished her food! I really love that stuff and will be getting more!! And as for the lamb lung bites, they LOVE them!! And the bag was completely full, not selling air haha! I really love this company!! I rate it 10/10 thanks so much @ccpettreats!

-Odin and Holly