Kiva Crowdfunding Loan

Dear Friends and Family:

We are writing to ask you for a HUGE favor. In fact, it’s so important that your response will help to decide whether we can qualify for a critical lifeline that will not only help our family business to survive but will give us the opportunity to thrive.

Clear Conscience Pet has been selected to crowdfund a 0% interest loan for $25,000.00 on Kiva. Kiva is the first and largest micro-lending service in the world that has distributed over $1 Billion since 2005, in 82 different countries, and to 2.7 million borrowers.

But to get to the next step, we need a “little help from our friends,” as the Beatles sang. Sixty friends, to be exact, since we need that number by March 7, 2018, which gives us 10 days to complete the private fundraising qualification period. Once we qualify, we step up to the worldwide public platform where millions of Kiva members will be able to lend to us. The minimum loan is $25, and there is no maximum. Kiva wants us to raise about $8000 in our private lending round, so we appreciate those who can lend more to help get our total to the goal number. To lend to Clear Conscience Pet, you must use this link:

Honestly, we feel awkward asking for help in the form of these interest-free loans. So we’re adding 20% “interest” up front in the form of gift vouchers to show our heartfelt thanks for your generosity. For loans of $25 to $50, you’ll get a $10 gift code, and $10 more for every $50 increment above $50. So, for example, lend $100 and you’ll get $20 in vouchers, and so on. To get your voucher, you must send an email to and tell us your Kiva loan amount (sorry, but Kiva does not tell us this info).

We are very humbled to have been accepted into this program. Kiva and its generous members directly help people around the world with these business loans. You’ll see villagers farming, fishing, or manufacturing in remote countries asking for Kiva loans right alongside family-owned businesses like ours in developed economies. What we all have in common is that we all work hard every day to feed our families and make a difference with our products and services.

Kiva is a great way to do some good in the world, since unlike with big charities, 100% of what you lend goes DIRECTLY to the loan recipient; not a penny is deducted, and you get paid back! In fact, Kiva has a remarkable 97% payback rate for unsecured debt.

The funds from this loan will be used for marketing including costs of testing a new TV commercial that we are completing as we speak, and the chance to sell our products on a famous home shopping network. It will also help us to create new displays to get noticed in crowded retail stores, and for basics like ingredients and packaging.

So please click on the link and help us to reach our goal. Since we need 60 lenders, those of you who are couples can help us more by signing on separately and lending $25 each than by making a single $50 loan. Please note that Kiva uses Pay Pal for loan payments and loan reimbursement. The reason is that Pay Pal supports Kiva by moving money for them without any processing fees, so please forgive the lack of options.

You must use this link, or enter the URL exactly as shown. It is the only way your loan will be credited to our total. Thanks for your support, we appreciate it more than we can express.


With our fondest regards,
Tony and Amanda Bennie

Anthony cell: 203-984-2101
Amanda cell: 203-984-5102
Michelle cell: 856-534-9338
FL Office: 239-984-2705
NJ office: 856-208-1036

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