Healthy Feeding for your Dog

It’s been a couple of months since we started adding freeze-dried raw to Roxi’s diet. The results have been amazing! Roxi’s coat is softer & much less itchiness, even with the dry winter air. Most importantly her poop, smaller in size & that’s the perfect consistency for picking it up.

I find it easy to feed & store all three products, they come in zipper type bags for stay fresh goodness. Bottom line you can feed your dogs freeze-dried raw that’s easy to feed and is just a scoop away!

The annual visit to our veterinarian showed she keep her weight at the ideal for her size. I’m feeding her less food as well! Her teeth are in great condition as well as her coat.

Roxi’s a border line large dog by my standards, weighing in at 47.7 pounds, 21” long & 20” tall.

Her diet consists of two meals a day each of:

  • Brothers Complete dry kibble – 1/2 cup (rounded)
  • TruDog FeedMe – 1/3 cup (rounded)
  • TruDog FortifyMe – rounded tablespoon
  • Clear Conscience Super Gravy – enough to moisten

Results, in my opinion have been fabulous! Her tummy hasn’t had any problems. She maintains her weight feeding less food. She never turns down her dinner. Love being able to change up the proteins while staying with the same companies.

Here are the links so you can check out these products, you won’t be disappointed!

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