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Founder’s Articles

Bringing Joy to Dogs through Nutrition

The Spirit of Clear Conscience Pet® We started our family-owned company after over 20 years working on the inside of the pet food and treats industry. Our name reflects not only a strict commitment to [...]

Potcakes of the Caribbean

These unique island dogs are finding loving new homes throughout the US and Canada, thanks to a dedicated rescue network. While on a flight to the Turks and Caicos Islands in February of 2011, I [...]

Humane Sourcing and the Pet Food Industry

How "Pet Power" Can Help Build a Better Future for Animals and the Planet By Anthony Bennie, Founder of Clear Conscience Pet. Can animal lovers change the world for the better? We love our companion [...]

Treating with Clear Conscience

A Fresh Look at Treats Made from Organ Meats and “Body Parts” By Anthony Bennie, Founder and President of Clear Conscience Pet As a self-taught canine and feline nutritionist, I have a confession to make: [...]


Are you and your pets ready for a “pet food divorce?” Yes, I know it sounds rather dramatic! But after 25 years in the natural and holistic pet nutrition industry, I’ve seen too many examples [...]

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