I got this flavor as part of a monthly subscription box that has random animal products which makes you try new items that you might not normally order. My dogs eat regular dry kibble (high quality of course) so anything different they are happy about. After using this for a week and everyone’s bowls being licked clean I told myself I’d have to reorder or they would be very disappointed. I’m not a fan of can food. I tend to open a can and put it in the fridge and forget about it and then it gets throw out. I also feel like can food has more calories than my dogs need and not great for the teeth. I worked many years in he veterinary field and have seen plenty of chunky dogs! Most of those eat can food! This product hardly has any calories to speak of but gives a different flavor that dogs love. I have four dogs and only mix up one serving and split between them and is just enough to flavor the food once mixed. My old lab hasn’t turned his nose up once and my cane corso finishes her bowl and wants more. She has never been a big eater. Just ordered the other two flavors to try!

Andrea P.
Tonka the Lab, Ellie the Golden mix, Grace the Cane Corso, and Buster the Jack Russell mix