” The Clear Conscience Pet is an independent pet nutrition company that has your fur baby’s best interest in mind. This company was founded in 2012 by Anthony & Amanda Bennie with a motto that all pet lovers will admire: Purity, Clarity, and Joy! They promote clear information about their products to promote trust with the consumers and joy to all animals that eat their awesome food.

There are a variety of products offered for you dog. The most popular nutritional bites are treat chewz, Super Gravey – Food Topper, Slider Treats, Lamb Airy Bark Treats and they offer several other treat chewz.

We received a variety of products from Clear Conscience but the Lamb Airy Treats were Harri’s favorite. She loved them so well, that I actually taught her how to sit and talk (bark) with these treats!! The other products that we received were the Lamb Chewz, Beef Scappy Chewz, Beef Chewz, BeefStikz Sliders and the Super Gravy Topper (in three different flavor varities).

If you have a dog or cat that does not like dry food, I highly recommend buying the Gravy Topper (in the flavor of your choice). You just mix this topper with a 1/4 cup of water and pour over the dry food. My dog, Harri, hates dry dog food. Until I put the Super Gravy in Aus Jus flavor on her food, she had never eaten one bowl of it for me! Now she eats it everyday and usually sits beside the bowl wanting more!!

If you love your fur babies and want them to have nutritional food, then you need to purchase your products from them.”

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