Meet Oz the Terrier! He’s a handsome Cairn Terrier mix from Florida. Oz is a WIZARD at chasing lizards, and he’ll also make a run at bunnies, ducks, or squirrels; but this tropical terrier knows NOT to mess with gators! All of this action requires strong teeth and healthy joints, so he chooses Lamb Tracheys™ as a satisfying chew that also provides a natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine.
LucyBlack Lab
Meet Lucy, the gorgeous Black Lab! Her parents run a golf course in Pennsylvania, so her days are filled with swimming, fairway races, and “wild goose chases!” All of this action requires strong muscles and steady energy; Lamb Airy Bark delivers with a high protein, low carb, low fat snack.
BoMixed Breed
Meet Bo, our hometown hero from Cape Coral, FL who has won so many CHAMPIONSHIPS and WORLD RECORDS in DockDog diving events that he is the Top Dog in his sport! Bo LOVES Arfredo™ both as gravy in his food and as a between meal broth. Smart choice, since it’s made with real Greek Yogurt which is naturally high in potassium and magnesium, electrolyte minerals which athletes need for faster recovery and to prevent muscle cramps.
OzzyGolden Retriever
Meet Bo, our hometown hero from Cape Coral, FL who has won so many Meet Ozzy! He’s our very own Golden boy and we are proud to call him our “CDO” (that means Chief Dog Officer, of course!). Ozzy’s guilty pleasure is a craving for pizza, which he will shamelessly steal from inattentive humans! So we decided to create new SuperGravy® BARKINARA™ Red, a dog-healthy red sauce and broth mix that brings Italian-style flair and flavor to any dog meal.
LunaGerman Shepherd
Meet Luna, a beautiful German Shepherd from Florida. Sweet Luna thinks she’s a lapdog and gives great kisses! For fun, she loves leaping for flying discs, but she’ll jump even higher for a delicious Lamb Airy Bite. These crunchy snacks are high in protein but low in fat and carbs, and the bite-sized morsels don’t slow her down between leaps.
Taylor Bay
Taylor BayPotcake
Meet Taylor Bay, our doggie daughter! She’s a Potcake, which is an island dog of the West Indies and Bahamas. TayBay is a foodie at heart and her favorite is anything served with SuperGravy® PawJus™, our original savory gravy recipe made with real beef liver, veggies, and whole superfoods.
Kiera & Kuma
Kiera & KumaHuskies
Meet Kiera & Kuma, two adorable Siberian huskies from Southern California. These pups love to stay active. They hike, swim, and run as much as possible! At the end of the day their favorite snack are the Beef Trachey Chews. After all that activity the chews provide a great source of protein while also cleaning their teeth!