One of my favorite commercial pet treats companies is Clear Conscience Pets®. I’ve reviewed some of their products in the past. In this review, I want to share their OSV™ Treats & Chews with you.

The OSV™ process used on these treats provides a “big nutritional boost of phytonutrients and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, spinach and carrots.” The treats are rich in quality animal protein, and dogs love the taste. Gator and Maggie certainly do!

I like the fact that the treats are made and sourced in the United States, so that I don’t have to worry about some other country’s manufacturing processes. Clear Conscience Pet® supports sustainable farming, humane livestock husbandry and fair trade practices.

The Clear Conscience® production facility is a USDA inspected, human food grade level environment and policies adhere strictly to human food handling safety and sanitation standards. All ingredients are handled just as they would be for use in human food.

This is also a “green” company. The website states, “We minimize our carbon footprint in shipping of ingredients by partnering as much as possible with independent local natural food processors in the same regions as the ranchers. In this way, Clear Conscience Pet® treats support the ‘slow food’ movement.”

The company has one mission: To create healthy, clean and tasty treats for dogs, cats and ferrets. Their treats American-sourced treats come from free-range, grass-fed animals. According to Anthony Bennie, co-founder of Clear Conscience Pets®, “Everything we make is grain-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, glycerine and glycol free, and free of chemical preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial colors.”

Several products are offered that use the OSV coating process, and they are each a blend of meat, vegetables and vitamins and nutrients galore. These treats and chews begin with organ meats like liver, heart, lung or trachea that come strictly from naturally-raised livestock. The meat is coated with a specific blend of organic flax seed and air-dried vegetables. The OSV™ process “literally attaches phytonutrients and Omega3 fatty acids to the protein.”

Look for products, such as Lamb Trachey Chewz™, Bison Tendy Chewz™, Lamb Airy Bites™, Beef & Bison Liver Bark, and Beef Trachey Chewz™ to find the OSV™ enhancement. Your pet will thank you! My dogs love the treats and our cat, Lucy, even loves the Lamb Airy Bites™.

You can order the OSV™ coated treats here, along with all the natural products created by Clear Conscience Pet®.

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