Hey guys what’s up, back at it again with another AATA review. This time the review is of SuperGravy by @ccpettreats. Guys, we give this gravy a 10 Paws out of 10 Paws! This gravy is absolutely a miracle- my dogs are so so so so very picky like you don’t even understand how picky they are! But this is one of the multiple multiple multiple gravies we have tried and all three of my dogs will actually eat it. Baby Bee my newest dog is so finicky with her food but as soon as I put that over the top of it she ate it all and very very quickly. We all really love this product and recommend this product. Tomorrow we will be trying out the Barkinara (FYI @ccpettreats – I love the names you come up with this is freaking hilarious and it brought a smile to my face just feeding my dogs!)