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THE NEXT GENERATION of the Most Award-Winning Pet Food Toppers Ever Made is here! NOW with 3 exciting recipes that are 100% guaranteed to bring JOY to the BOWL for every dog NOW Enhanced with digestive enzymes and probiotics for better digestion with every meal NOW formulated to make either delicious gravy by-the-bowl or yummy hydrating BROTH by the jug! STILL only 50 cents per gravy serving or $2.50 for a full quart of broth.

SuperGravy® Is Easy To Use!

USE SCOOP provided (scoop = 1.5tsp/7.5 mil)

GRAVY: 1 scoop + 1 cup water (+/- to taste)

STIR WELL and serve; warm water blends best

BROTH: 5 scoops per qt./ltr. of water.

SHAKE broth well before using.

ADD BROTH (8oz/250ml +/-) and stir well.

REFRIGERATE remaining finished broth.

WAIT a few minutes before serving for full fusion of gravy with food.

SuperGravy® helps fuel champions but it’s great for dogs from the most active to loveable “couch potatoes!”

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