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she chows her kibble now

Lily is a 14 year old lab who lost interest in her food. Once we tried the "gravy" she ate with her lab hunger she always had!!!! Thank you!!!! Also, our 5 yr old Australian [...]

Truth be told, she ate them all

Here's a picture I made with SuperGravy ice pops and Olive happily enjoying one. Truth be told, she ate them all in one day. Might have been better for the summer, but you know, its [...]

they LOVE the ones ya’ll make!

My dogs are very picky when it comes to their treats but they LOVE the ones ya'll make!! A BIG thank you to Anthony for introducing us to them. We will definitely be telling all [...]

Every day with my pooch

Thank you for your fine products and congratulations on your new website!......... I give thanks for my clear conscience, : ) Every day with my pooch--thanks to you all! Happy Thanksgiving, Sue & Boo Sue [...]

2 paws up for clear

Conscience Pet! We here at Central Bark are thrilled that they have chosen to donate 6 full size bags of their yummy Cruncherz dog treats to our raffle. Last Paw Rescue will benefit thanks to [...]

Layla went insane for them!

I am a PawPack Leader and we received some of your products in the December PawPack. Layla went insane for them! I know a lot of the pups who received the PawPack loved the Beef [...]

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