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Autumn and Meadow are ADDICTED!

Received the superfood coated Lamb Lung treats in my groomers box this month and my two Shih Tzus are ADDICTED! My older one has a sensitive stomach and these treats sat well with her! Just [...]

Maria A, Montreal, Canada

"Tonight we tried the Super Gravy ( beef-liver-veggie) on our two picky in -their-own way dogs....usually we have to mix soft food with their kibble and somehow they always manage to eat the soft food [...]

Caleb McNamar (Nichole is his Mom)

Thank you for my delicious SuperGravy and the Lamb Airy Bites ...they are my favorite! I am definitely a fan and a Clear Conscience Pet customer for life. All of these products are also Made [...]

Skye Blue has always loved them

Skye Blue has always loved the Multi Award Winning Super Gravy Toppers, Treats & Chews from #CCPetTreats! We are SO EXCITED they have released the new & improved original brown PawJus - crafted from beef [...]

We LOVE the brand new Super Gravy recipes

We LOVE the brand new Super Gravy recipes recently released by Clear Conscience Pet! They are one of our absolute favorite companies & their super gravy is the Most Award-Winning Pet Food Toppers ever made! [...]

In Clear Conscience Pet We Trust!

My girls love when I add extra goodies to their meals! I especially love it when the things I add enhance flavor AND benefit the health of my dogs. One company has continued to offer [...]

Picky Pooches love SuperGravy!

We tried out the @CCpettreats SuperGravy and the kiddos loved it. They tend to be picky eaters at times……………. Just add the recommended amount of water (to taste) to your dog’s meal and watch your [...]

Wanted to Share a Couple Pictures

I’ve been traveling the last few weeks, but wanted to share a couple pictures of Clark (Chocolate Lab) and Sheffield (White American Bulldog) who are both big fans of SuperGravy, Airy Bark, and Scrappy Chewz. [...]

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