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Powered by SuperGravy® Instant Gravy and Broth Mixes: The Most Awarded Pet Food Toppers in pet nutrition history! CleanLabel™ Formulated with PURE & PURPOSEFUL INGREDIENTS to bring guilt-free “JOY” to dogs and their humans!

Frozen Veggie SuperGravy Surprise

Ingredients: Fresh Green Beans or Other Veggies, any SuperGravy® recipe Spread 4-5 scoops of SuperGravy on a baking sheet Place Green Beans on the baking sheet and roll around to thoroughly coat with mix After [...]

Frozen Fruity SuperGravy Surprise

Ingredients: Watermelon or other fruit + SuperGravy® any recipe Recipe: Cut up Fruit of choice and set aside. Spread 4-5 scoops of SuperGravy on a baking sheet. Place fruit on the baking sheet and roll [...]

Iced SuperGravy BrothBalls & BrothCubes

This SUPER easy treat is made with any shape or size BPA FREE molds that will fit on a shelf in your freezer. (Ball shaped ice molds available online) Ingredients: SuperGravy Broth, molds, a freezer, [...]

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